I read tonight's update from Lauren Rudnicki, and I started to cry. I'm writing this, and there are tears in my eyes right now. Why? Because Maggie is starting to lose her hair and she's devastated. So what could I do, 300 miles away in Bangor, while Lauren and Maggie are in Boston.

Easy! I drove to Mastercuts at the Bangor Mall, and hey, it's only hair! Now, I didn't have a ton up there to begin with, but I did this once before about 25 years ago, when a neighbor was undergoing chemo. If I could do it then, I can do it now for a brave little girl!

Here's Lauren's Update

Maggie wanted to wear a pretty dress today even though she felt yucky. She's been in a morphine induced fog most of the day and still having nosebleeds and so much mouth pain. Her hair has started to fall out and she's devastated. I keep telling her she will still be the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on.

Maggie... Hair or Not... You are Beautiful!

Updated Late Monday Night
Just a quick update to ask for prayers. We have had another rough day and night. Maggie's in a lot of pain and she had some bad nosebleeds tonight despite 2 platelet transfusions yesterday. She had some clots come out and an ENT dr is here to place something in her nose to help stop the bleeding.

On top of all this she's spiked a fever and we are drawing blood cultures and starting iv antibiotics.

Her heart rate is high and she's pretty uncomfortable. Please keep her in your prayers tonight.