God love Team Maggie!

Children have an unquenchable spirit! Here's the update from Mom, Lauren

This afternoon gets a big fat thumbs down! Found out Maggie has c-diff. Now she can't leave her room at all and now we have to wear a gown and gloves 100% of the time in here. Andy and the boys are leaving Boston early to try to stop anything from spreading any further. Starting meds to try to correct this..hopefully it won't hang around for long. She's now on morphine because of mouth sores.


And how does Maggie react when Mom gives her a hug tonight and told her that shewas so sorry she felt bad? Maggie said "Well mom, sometimes when you have a lot of sleepovers at the hospital and get your brothers blood, you don't feel so good but it's okay"

It's that spirit that will encourage everyone with Team Maggie!

Have a good night sleep Maggie and Mom. And Dad and the boys..Drive carefully home. If you want to spend time at a farm, I know just the place for you!