So yesterday was a super day! If you didn't see last night's update with the fantastic photos, please click HERE. Yesterday was so good, because those neutrophils, the white blood cells, basically tripled up to 1575, from Saturday to Sunday.

When I spoke online with Lauren this morning and asked how the night was, she said look at the picture.

Yep, that's tripling again Sunday into Monday, and has improved 8 times since Saturday! That hormone treatment is working.

Here's what else occurred on Sunday

Today has been so much better! Maggie's ANC was 1575 this morning! It tripled! They said this is the work of the hormone they are giving her but that is a-ok with me! Those white blood cells are making her feel so much better and healing things fast so I hope they stick around!! She did get a platelet transfusion this morning as expected and will most likely need blood in the next couple days as it was down to 8.4 this morning.

She got lasix last night and again this morning and was able to pee off a lot of that fluid. She has been nauseous off and on today but has not vomited once. She has had some higher blood pressures but they haven't had to give her any additional meds besides the patch.

She was very playful today, lots of giggles and rode the bicycle for awhile too.

This week we will begin working on switching her meds to oral. They said it will be a slow one at a time process and that's ok with me. She will be on a lot of meds so it's going to be a new challenge but one I know she can handle..she is super girl!!

Just a couple of reminders.

Mark your calendar for Monday, August 19th, because that night will be a Team Maggie Night at Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant on the Hogan Road in Bangor. They will be donating 10 percent of all the dinner sales to Team Maggie, and there will be a 50/50 raffle. If you would like to help with the planning, please call Chris Popper at 941-1994 or email me at

Maggie turns 5 on August 19th. She will be in the hospital still on her birthday. If you’d like to send a card or a gift, her address is

BMT Unit Floating 6
Attention: Maggie Rudnicki
750 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

I asked Maggie’s mom what she likes and this is Lauren’s reply

“She loves the Boston bruins, lip gloss and scary things (ghost stories, vampires, goosebumps books etc) those are a few favorites but honestly just well wishes are all she needs!”

Please keep praying. Prayers do work! They’ve made those little white cells grow, and those white blood cells are what’s making Maggie feel so good. The change in in the past DAY has been nothing short of miraculous!  Pray for a peaceful night and week ahead.   Pray for a sense of calmness for Maggie, Lauren and the entire Rudnicki family. Pray that those white blood cells continue to grow, and grow quickly!  Pray for healing, pray for strength! Pray that they can be discharged to the Neely House soon!

You can make a donation to help defray the medical and travel costs associated with Maggie’s care. Maggie has been down in Boston for over 4 weeks. If you want to make a donation, click HERE for the details

We now have over 100 photos of Team Maggie support up on the site. If you want to send your picture, you can upload it HERE or just click HERE to view them all.Please note, if you do upload them, they don’t appear instantly, as we are moderating all pictures, just to insure appropriate content. You can also send me your pictures directly at

More later. Keep the faith Team Maggie!