It's been a remarkable day! Let's have mom, Lauren tell it

We have had a good day so far in room 634!

Maggie had a fairly good nights sleep last night and then around 5 am started spitting up some big bloody secretions so they ordered her platelets and she got those early this morning.

As those were infusing her nurse came in with this mornings labs..she has a white blood cell count of 0.1 and an ANC of .08! I was so overjoyed!! It looks like Lucas' cells are starting to make themselves at home!! They said she is a superstar and this is earlier than they expected! You go Maggie!!!

She is still in pain from the sores but you can tell its improving and she's able to spit out the secretions better today. She even went for a walk and did 2 laps on the bike after her bath!! Amazing what a few white blood cells can do for you!!

Maggie's liver numbers were also down even more today and her weight and belly size were down too..yay!!!

She still is having higher than normal blood pressures but the patch is helping. Her bleeding times were also off this morning but they said its because her vitamin k is low so that was added to her TPN today and they expect those labs to look better tomorrow.

Considering how she was just 2 days ago today feels miraculous to me and I am sooo thankful and happy! I know we will have ups and downs but I am cherishing this day and praying for even better days!!

Grow cells grow!!!

We have over 90 photos of people throughout the country in support of Team Maggie. You can see them all HERE and also upload yours if you haven’t yet.

Here's Maggie taking the bike for a couple of laps


Please keep praying. Pray for a peaceful Saturday night and Sunday. Pray for a sense of calmness for Maggie, Lauren and the entire Rudnicki family. Pray that those white blood cells continue to grow, and grow quickly!  Pray for healing.

You can make a donation to help defray the medical and travel costs associated with Maggie’s care. Maggie has been down in Boston for 3 weeks. I know there are family going down this weekend to help Lauren and Maggie, but let’s face it, gas is expensive. If you want to make a donation, click HERE for the details