Here's a double rainbow outside of Maggie's room Friday.

You have to remember that double rainbows only occur because of rain. And that's kind of symbolic of how things go when you've had a bone marrow transplant. Sometimes there are good days and sometimes not so good days, but you just have to remember that there's a beautiful rainbow waiting when it's over!

Here's Lauren Rudnicki's blog entry for Day +2, Friday July 26th, two days after Maggie received her bone marrow transplant from her brother Lucas.

Day +2 has been ehhhh. It seems the effects of chemotherapy are starting to show their ugly faces and Maggie was tired and had a lot of belly issues today. She's also got a pretty bad rash everywhere. She had a consult with the kidney doctors today because we are dealing with some higher blood pressures and she also started TPN (iv nutrition) today because she's just not eating enough. This is all to be expected but still not fun when she doesn't feel well. She's such a trooper! Her white counts are gone and they expect she will need a transfusion of platelets in the morning. Such a brave girl.


Some of the upcoming days are going to be a little tough. There may be rainstorms, and even thunder. That's where the Team needs to pull together. You can be part of the team. A note of encouragement, stickers, coloring books, they go along way. The address is

Tufts Medical Center -Bmt unit floating 6
Attention: Maggie Rudnicki
750 Washington st
Boston ma 02111

Stay Strong Team Maggie!