Taylor Swift has been an amazing inspiration to many of her fans. But none more than Ronnie Brower. He used her music to help motivate him to work out every day, resulting in a 400 pound weight loss. Talk about shaking it off!

Ronnie was told by the doctor that if he didn't lose a significant amount of weight, he'd be dead in 10 years. Still a very young man, Ronnie consulted a friend and former teacher who acted as his trainer in his quest to lose weight. This video shows the progress, beginning with his use of a hand bike because he was too large, at 675 pounds, to leave the house.

Now, a Twitter campaign is asking Taylor to do something special for him. His friends and followers want Ronnie to be able to meet his idol at the concert he's attending in June. If I were Taylor, I'd want to meet him and shake his hand, at the very least. Even better, give him a hug and congratulate him! What an inspirational story. If you want to show your support, just add #ronnieweightloss to your social media post.

Way to go, Ronnie! You rock!