Gotta wonder what's in the water in Wilmette, Illinois. The Chicago suburb is home to Highcrest Middle School -- which just happens to have 24 sets of twins -- a new Guinness Book World Record. Even more amazing -- they're all in FIFTH GRADE! The bizarre anomaly was discovered by 11-year-old twins Luke and Ryan Novosel, who go to Highcreast, after they counted up all the other twins in their school. With some help from mom and dad, the brothers submitted an application with Guinness earlier this year and after following up with birth certificates, photos and proof that all are enrolled at the school, they expect official recognition in several weeks. The reason the 24 sets of twins was not immediately obvious to everyone is most of the twins are fraternal. The breakdown: three sets of boy-boy twins, 11 sets of girl-girl twins and 10 sets of boy-girl twins. Only two of the sets of girl twins are identical. Another fun fact: In two of the pairings are twins who bridged the midnight hour and were born on different days.,