State Police are asking for the public's help in locating a suspect who ran from a State Trooper's car Tuesday afternoon while in handcuffs. He's facing several felony charges.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said in a press release that Maxx Noble, age 27 of Otisfield, fled from a cruiser after troopers went to his home on Ahonen Road. He's facing several felony charges stemming from an investigation by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the State Police. Noble was arrested and placed in a cruiser while the troopers searched the home. Somehow, however, he was able to unbuckle his seat belt and run into the woods, wearing only socks on his feet.

So far, searchers have not been able to find him and he remains at large. Noble is described as 6' tall, 180 pounds, and has multiple tattoos on his face, neck, and arms. He was last seen wearing a blue jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, grey sweatpants, and white socks. His sneakers had been removed following his arrest.

As a result of this incident, he will face a number of new charges including escape and theft. Anyone with information about Noble's whereabouts is asked to call the State Police in Gray at 657-3030 or the Oxford County Sheriff's Department. Police say Noble is desperate and the public should avoid any contact with him.