As cool as this video is, I'll bet it was even cooler to see in person. As long as you were standing on the beach, that is! A group of fishermen witnessed a shark feeding frenzy so close to the shore that a few nearly got stranded on the sand.

The men were members of a church group in North Carolina who had gone out to catch the evening's dinner. A flock of birds drew them to the sight of more than 100 sharks feeding on a school of bluefish. According to the video's notes, the men not only witnessed the feeding frenzy, they also were able to drop their lines in the water with no bait and catch dinner!

Years ago, when a former coworker and I traveled to Florida for the opening of the 'Terrors of the Deep' exhibit at Seaworld, I determined that ocean swimming was probably not for me. As we rode a moving sidewalk through a large tank, my coworker pointed out that one particular shark was pacing along with me, in the part of the tank that was over my head. If sharks like me that much, I'll stay on the beach!

Still, I'll bet this was an awesome sight. That is, if you're not a bluefish!