The Ellsworth girl's soccer team lost 17-1 to Caribou on Saturday, Sept, 3rd. I was not there. I did not see the game. But, let me tell you I am embarrassed! I'm not embarrassed that Ellsworth gave up 17 goals. I'm embarrassed Caribou scored 17 goals!

I have covered a lot of high school games working for Cumulus and Townsquare Media. In my opinion there's never, ever a reason to run the score up like that.

I'm assuming that Caribou Coach Todd Albert had most of his starters out of the game, and had as many reserves in the game. I know it was the first game of the season, and the team needs practice playing. But, had I been the Caribou coach I would have told my team not to shoot. They could have worked on passing, essentially playing keep away.

I spoke with Coach Albert Monday afternoon. He explained that it was 3-1 with 13 minutes left in the 1st half, and then all of a sudden they scored 5 quick goals to end the half 8-1.

He stated that they played 20 girls in the 1st Half, and 19 in the 2nd Half and that some girls scored, and would probably never score again. He thought that in hindsight he could have done things differently, but so could have the Ellsworth coach.

He also said that with it being Ellsworth's first game, he had no idea how good or bad they would be this season and that it's difficult to make major adjustments during the game. He did say he had defenders playing offense in the 2nd half of the game.

Again I didn't see the game. If the Caribou coach tried to limit the score, my apologies. It's a long season. Teams have ups and downs. Remember the Waterville girl's basketball that was undefeated for many years and then went 0-18? Teams weren't as nice to Waterville as they should have been because they remembered the scores from previous years.

Now some of you may be saying come on Chris: This is high school soccer, this is competition, life lessons are to be learned. My reply... Exactly! This is high school soccer. Only a few are going to play further.

Life lessons... Don't kick someone when they're down...Don't pile on. I understand that everyone wants to score, and I'm not sure how many scored, but again, I don't see the benefits of beating someone 17-1. That's just me.