After receiving a tip on a potential phone scam the Scarborough P.D. attempted to put the scammers in their place, instead they are told "No" and "Merry Christmas". 

CMP ScamA local business was contacted by this scammer today. They claimed to be with Central Maine Power and threatened disconnection of power service. The business was going to provide their credit card number for payment, but the scammer asked that they bring cash to Bank of America. That is a red flag. Please don't fall for these scams. If you are questioning whether a call like this is legit, please call the business number on your bill or the business website and inquire direct.

Posted by Scarborough Maine Police Department on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Scarborough public safety dispatcher Artie Green called the toll-free number. The woman who answered identified herself as being from Central Maine Power Co.’s “disconnection and billing department.”

Although the scammer says they will not stop, at least now more are aware this is a scam. If you receive a strange call asking for money it doesn't hurt to call your local P.D. to confirm its legitimacy.

Even though this audio clip is quite humorous, it is also so sad that people would do this so close to the holidays.