Every July 1, something magical happens in Downtown Bangor.  The vacant shop next to Three Toads and a Wicked Lady, Maine’s most popular Witch Bar, transforms into Sand Witches, Maine’s favorite luncheonette.

To celebrate the Grand Reopening, the diner’s owners sent a Flying Monkey to tap on my bedroom window and deliver a delicious breakfast sandwich.  For the record, this Modern Philosopher has no problem being awakened early for this reason (you could learn something from this, Mr. Sunday Morning Lawnmower Man!).

Sand Witches is owned by Mourning Glory, Aurora Story-Alice, and my good friend Waltzing Matilda.  Their enchanted menu features the best sandwiches ever conjured up in any kitchen, finger lickin’ barbecue (magic fingers actually lick your face playfully after you’re done with your meal), and a selection of desserts that are so decadent, one would assume the place was run by Wicked Witches.

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