Once again this year, the Salvation Army's "Angel Tree' will be set up in Macy's Court at Bangor Mall!  This is a great opportunity for you to help provide a gift for a less fortunate child this Christmas!

“Each year, there are families who need a little extra help providing Christmas gifts for their children,” said Captain Tim Clark, Corps Officer of the Bangor Salvation Army. “Through our Angel Tree at the Bangor Mall, individuals and groups from throughout the community are able to provide for these children. It is a way to connect those who need help with those who want to lend a hand, providing an opportunity for people to give back to the community in a very practical sense.”

Beginning this Friday, just walk up to Angel Tree, and then select an Angel Tag.  Each Angel Tag has information about a child who's family has asked for help.  Age, gender and a wish list is provided.  Then, become an Angel and go shopping!  Buy a gift and then bring it back to the Salvation Army folks at the Angel Tree.  They'll wrap the gift and then make sure  that the child gets it this Christmas morning!

Some people pool their resources with their co-workers and provide many gifts for many kids.  The Salvation Army expects to help about 600 families this year!

For more information about the Angel Tree, call  Mary MacKay at 941-2990.