Summer in Maine means more traffic on the road. This means more law enforcement out and about trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. During a routine traffic stop this officer in southern Maine has a close call with an erratic vehicle. 

Remember to move over when approaching a law enforcement vehicle when its lights are flashing. It's the law! This law has become known as the "Move Over Law" and will cost you $311 if you fail to do so. Moving over could save you some money and an officer's life.

This video could have easily ended a lot worse than it did. What starts as a routine registration traffic stop quickly changes to a scene of panic when a driver who seems to see the oncoming cruiser and stopped truck. The speeding car clips the back end of the stopped truck and then bounces across the road into the ditch narrowly avoiding the officer. At least it seems everyone involved was unharmed.

I once saw a young man texting while driving which caused him to fail to notice the traffic stop in his lane ahead. When he noticed at the last second he went by the officer so fast his hat flew off!

So remember to move over as much as you can safely and keep your eyes on the road!