It's a homicide case that caught the attention of the entire state when the mother of Nichole Cable, Kristine Wiley, made an impassioned plea for any information on the whereabouts of her 15 year old daughter.

Now only a few weeks later, a 20 year old Orono man is in the Penobscot County Jail on a charge of knowing and intentional homicide in connection with her death.

During Kyle Dube's first court appearance his defense attorney Stephen Smith requested the state police affidavit be sealed citing threats against Dube's life, privacy concerns for family members, and concerns about Dube's right to a fair trial.

The affidavit contains detailed information from the arresting agency that supports the charge of intentional and knowing murder and it will reveal details on how Nicole Cable was killed.

Judge William Anderson granted the dense motion to keep the affidavit sealed at least until the Penobscot County Grand Jury considers the charge and that is expected early next week.

The Associated Press and the Portland Press Herald contend probable cause affidavits may be sealed only under rare circumstances that don't apply in this case.

Arguments are expected in court today on this issue.

What do you think? Should the court documents that support the charge of murder be released.