We all know that "What Goes Around, Comes Around", unfortunately in some instances it takes awhile for it to come full circle, but not this time! Warning this video does have offensive language.

Gary James has owned Gary's Chicaros in Enid, Oklahoma for 44 years. In the video, you can tell that he is a homophobe, and racist, and all around a not nice guy. He is open in his belief that he doesn't want homosexuals in his restaurant.

But that's where Karma has come around, and bitten Gary in the proverbial ass! You see people have taken to social media sites like Yelp, advertising and reviewing his restaurant as a gay bar and more.

What makes matter worse, is that Gary is running for the Enid City Council, with elections to be held later this week. Let's hope the fine folk of Enid have a little common sense at the ballot box!