There's been rumbling in the media lately about some scam color runs that are stealing people's money. Bangor Police even mentioned it on Facebook. But I'm here to reassure you that there's a Color Run coming up this weekend that's totally real...and benefits an awesome local festival!

It had to happen. Scam artists are using the new 'color run' trend to try and scam people out of their money. The scammers take your registration fee, never hold an actual event, and then refuse to refund your contribution. Bangor PD took a tongue-in-cheek view (as only they can do) about the whole thing, letting Bangorians know there is no run scheduled for the date the 'Color 5 Mile' organization is claiming.

However, there IS a very fun, very colorful run scheduled for May 17th on the Bangor Waterfront and it's 100% on the up and up. The American Folk Festival organizers are holding 'Color Bangor' this Sunday, and it promises to be even MORE fun than last year! I was in charge of the yellow color station last year, and spent part of the day throwing brightly-colored yellow cornstarch on participants. It was, easily, the single most entertaining day I had all summer!

If you've never heard of a 'color run,' participants (runners and walkers) will travel a 5K route, passing through several color stations. At each station, they have brightly colored, non-toxic cornstarch tossed onto their shirts (and - okay- other parts of their bodies) so, by the end of the route, they look like walking rainbows!

The best part of Color Bangor, however, is the fact that all the money raised is used to support the amazing American Folk Festival! Each year, festival organizers put together a three-day event that brings music, food, and culture from around the globe to the Bangor Waterfront. And it's FREE to get into the festival! If want it to continue to be free, we need to show our support for the festival crew who spend all year scouting acts and planning for the perfect event. And Color Bangor is a fun way to do it!

This year, organizers have added a children's area, sponsored by Playland Adventures. Kids can sign up for the full event, or just for the kids' area, to have some fun. We hope you sign up, take part, and help Color Bangor! (and yourself!)