We all know it's the law. You have to stop for school buses when those red lights are flashing. Of course, that doesn't mean everyone will. But I'm betting you'll remember this PSA next time you see a bus. And you'll stop.

Public Service Announcements have taken on a new trend. The victim in the pending accident talks to the audience about what's to come. Somehow that makes it even scarier. You're expecting it. Bracing yourself for it. And you know you can't stop it.

In this case, it's a teenager admitting that she should be paying attention. But she's not. Typical behavior for any kid. It will make you wish you could stop that oncoming vehicle that's not even slowing down.

Watch the PSA and keep the image with you next time you come across a school bus. Watch the lights and stop when they go red. Some kid, and their parents, will thank you!