The Crabtree Points for Class C North have been wrong all season long. Here's the reason why

If you look at the above picture, MDI is in 2nd place, ahead of Old Town by .0433, but that is wrong. Old Town and Winslow are both tied for 1st place with MDI in 3rd place.

If you notice, all the school's opposing wins and opposing losses, when added together equal 56, with the exception of Old Town, who's opposing wins and opposing losses equal 62. That's because the Crabtree Points are adding in the exhibition game between Old Town and Stearns! When you subtract the Stearns' wins and losses, Old Town's opposing win percentage is the same as Winslow.

So what does that mean? It means that if MDI wins the  MDI-Old Town game this Friday night they will finish 2nd. If Old Town defeats MDI and Winslow defeats Waterville, then both teams will finish with identical records and Crabtree Points. That would mean that the first and second place positions would be determined by a coin flip!

The game of the week is this Friday, at Victory Field in Old Town, when the 6-1 MDI Trojans will play the 7-0 Old Town Coyotes. You can hear the game on AM 1370 WDEA and WDEA Internet Radio, with the pregame beginning at 6:40 PM