No one won the jackpot on Saturday, January 9th's Powerball and as a result, the estimated annuitized jackpot for Wednesday, January 13th's drawing is 1.3 BILLION dollars. That's right BILLION with a B. Look at it, like this, it's $1,300,000,000.00! How much is $1.3 Billion? In 2014 the average Major League Baseball Team was valued at $850 million, with the Red Sox valued at $1.5 Billion.

The winning numbers for January 9th's drawing were 16-19-32-34-57 with the Powerball 13. The Powerplay was 3X.

So, start buying your tickets. If America had Powerball Fever before, this has to be considered a Powerball Epidemic!

Oh, and in case you're not exactly sure how much $1 Billion is, well it's almost as much as Dr. Evil wanted!