With a another Blizzard Warning in effect, and 18 to 26 inches of snow on the way, and winds expected to gust to 60 MPH Downeast, be prepared for power outages!  Hold onto the following information.

Emera Maine can keep you informed on power outages in the area and with estimations as to when you’ll get your power back.  GO HERE.Also, check this map of all the current outages in Emera Maine’s territory.

You can report a power outage to Emera Maine by calling 1-855-EMERA-11 (1-855-363-7211) or locally at  973-2000..  Report your power outages online HERE.

Central Maine Power customers can see the current power outages by going HERE.  To report a power outage to Central Maine Power go HERE, or call 1-800-696-1000.

Remember to never go near, drive over, or touch a downed power line.  A power line of any sort is never safe to touch!

Keep any working generator OUTSIDE and at least three feet away from windows and doors.  Carbon monoxide cannot be seen, and it can kill you quickly.