4 PM Update

AS of 4 PM 12,795 Emera Maine customers remain without power.

Customers are encouraged to call the Customer Service Center to report urgent or emergency situations or if they are unsure if their outage has been reported at (207) 973-2020 or 1-855-EMERA11 (1-855-363-7211 The live outage map shows areas where outages have been reported and are being addressed.

11 AM Update

The Sunday storm may have affected as many, if not more customers than the ice storm last December right before Christmas!  As of 11 AM 14,827 Emera Maine Customers were still without power with 8650 in Hancock County.

Power has been restored to MDI High School, although school remains out of session for the 3rd day in a row.

For the full outage report, click HERE


It's Day 4 of power outages for Emera Maine customers, and as of 5:30 AM on Thursday, November 5th there were 15,405 Emera Maine customers without power. Unfortunately, restoration times have been pushed back because of a significant amount of damage to poles and the distribution system.

The latest estimated restoration times are now Washington County - end of day Wednesday, Northern Penobscot/Piscataquis County - end of day Wendesday, Penobscot County - end of day Thursday, Hancock County - End of day Friday.

To view the complete outage report, click HERE

The next update will be issued around 11 AM