Police are looking for information on a black Ford Ranger, or similar pickup in connection with the disappearance of 15-year-old Nichole Cable of Glenburn. Penobscot County Sheriff Glenn Ross says they're not looking for reports of everyone who owns a similar vehicle, but rather information on whether anyone else saw this particular vehicle in the area of Rogers Market on Sunday night/Monday morning.

Once again everyone feared the worst when another press conference was called by the Sheriff's Department. Reports of lots of police activity on Route 221, including the Major Crimes Unit, sparked a feeling of dread.

Ross said, "This is only a vehicle that we have interest in due to information that's been given to us that may or may not have been seen in the area, so we cannot draw any inferences that this is the suspect's vehicle. It may or may not be. We need to rule it in or rule it out." The picture above is a downloaded picture from the internet that the Sheriff's office is circulating to give an idea of what the vehicle might look like.

In a press conference yesterday, Deputy Chief Troy Morton said that over 60 tips came into the Sheriff's Department in 24 hours, after Nichole's mother, Kristine Wiley made an impassioned plea for her daughter to come home. Police are taking the tips seriously and following them up, trying to locate the missing girl.

Nichole has been missing since Sunday evening, when she told her mother she was going out to the driveway to meet someone she said she knew. It's believed she may have been lured away by someone who had misrepresented themselves on Facebook. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Penobscot County Sheriff's office.