It happens at least once every year. Someone from away finds what they can only think is the most perfect place to park their vehicle in Bar Harbor. They leave West Street and go to Bridge Street and lo and behold there's a sand bar. A sand bar that leads to Bar Island.

But, you know the most amazing thing about that sand bar? It only appears when there is low tide. When the tide starts to come in, the sand bar is covered with the Atlantic Ocean, and people who have parked their vehicles on the sand bar, find that the ocean waits for no man or woman to move!

Something similar happened on Sunday when this white vehicle reportedly didn't wait for the ocean to move. The scene was captured by photographer Nicholas Schoeder. Onlookers say the operator of this white vehicle tried to cross to the island before the tide went out enough to allow passage. The result? The truck was stuck in the ocean for about 30 minutes until it receded enough to let it pass to the island.

Thing about going to Bar Island? It's less than a mile walk, but you might want to check the tide chart. Here's the tide chart for Bar Harbor in July 2016