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MDI Pep Rally October 12 [VIDEO]
Thanks to Coady Modeen for taking this video and sending it to me. On October 11th, MDI High School held a pep rally in Bernard Parady Gymnasium as part of Spirit Week. As is the recent tradition, the football team "worked" with the cheerleaders to perform a cheer!
Red Sox – Astros ALCS Start Times
The Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros will open the American League Championship Series this Saturday, October 13th at Fenway Park. Here's the scheduled start times for the Best of 7 series.
Pet Sematary Trailer [VIDEO]
It's hard enough sleeping with a Great Dane. They get up and walk around in the bed, and then flop themselves back on the bed. There's no way I can go see this movie! Can you imagine if I did, I'd be having nightmares forever!

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