On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, the talk-show mogul and star of The Butler told the late-night host, "I just got that feeling again. You know, that feeling." Jimmy, like most of us who don't gift vehicles regularly, was a bit confused. "Should we stop?" he asked. "No, no, no," Oprah said. "I really didn't want it to happen here... but I'm getting it." She then hand-selected a member of the audience. "You, lady in the blue! You, come up here a minute, please." The woman -- Britney -- joined Oprah on the stage. "This is what I wanna say to you," Oprah started. "You -- you get a car!" Confetti poured from the ceiling as O recreated a mini-version of the iconic moment from 2004 when she surprised all 276 audience members of The Oprah Winfrey Show with a brand-new car. "You get a car!" she exclaimed. "You get a car!" "We don't have a car," Jimmy piped in concernedly. But of course, Oprah came prepared: She asked Jimmy's sidekick Guillermo Rogrigeuz to "please take her outside to see her new car!" Jimmy was still concerned, but Oprah reassured him, "The car's there," calling out to Britney, "The car is yours!" And yes, sure enough, a brand-new Ford Fusion Energi, a plug-in hybrid, was all ready to go. Britney, trembling with excitement, was handed the keys. Almost immediately, O felt relieved. "Every once in a while this just happens," she quipped. "Especially when I skip lunch...But I feel better."

(Source E Online)