This is one of those videos that I need to keep on my desktop to watch over and over. Steve Hartman on Friday night profiled a mother and daughter, Carla Wilson 67 and her youngest daughter Robyn. Carla has terminal cancer, and is dieing. Carla is undergoing chemo, and Robyn takes her.  What could be a sad and agonizing time, has instead turned into a bond that makes both feel better!

They have chosen to make this a "fun" experience, by dressing up in a common theme every time they go for chemo. They have chosen joy! Having gone through radiation and chemo, I can assure you it's not a joyful time, but the Wilsons have decided it is going to be joyful, and have made it so.

So how does this pertain to you and me? Do you wake up thinking this day is going to suck or do you decide you're going to make it a good day? If Carla Wilson can do it, feeling as sick as she does, why can't you? It's all a matter of your attitude!

So keep this video on your desktop! When you feel down, remember choose joy!