Maine Warden Alan Curtis posted a trailer for the upcoming season of 'North Woods Law' this week, and it looks awesome! I have such respect for what these folks do. Be sure to watch til the end to see how dangerous their job is when they stand alone against, sometimes, large groups of angry people.

We tease the Wardens a lot around the time of the Egg Ride, calling them Wardens Handsome, Sexy, and Smiley. And we greatly appreciate the support they give us each year, both through their participation in the Egg Ride, and with their work ensuring our safety at road crossings.

But the truth is, we understand that it takes a certain kind of person to be a Warden. Someone who has a lot of patience to sit for hours, waiting for poachers or illegal hunters to show. Someone who is brave enough to walk up to those armed hunters and confront them. And someone with the compassion it takes to deal with both people and animals and do what's best for the protection of all.

Thanks to our Wardens, for everything they do. And for allowing us to occasionally look over their shoulders in 'North Woods Law!'