Quite a site to see in the early evening hours in Downtown Bangor recently as hundreds of Chimney Swifts flock together and head down a big chimney to roost for the night.

No they're not bats, they're birds, and according to "birders" they make a stop in our state every May on their way to 'breeding grounds" further north.  Anywhere from just a few to literally thousands of these birds will begin to flock in the early evening hours, and then like a whirlwind tornado they'll head down a big chimney.  It's hard not to notice because it's not something that you see everyday and their high pitch sounds will catch your ear.

Chimney Swifts will spend most of their time in the air only stopping to roost in a nest or within a big chimney or hollow tree.  They stick to the sides by releasing saliva which holds them in place.

The video above was recently taken from above State Street in Downtown Bangor.