Don't look for the Bangor Daily News on Christmas Day, 2014, as the paper has decided not to publish on December 25, 2014.

In the December 24th edition, Anthony Ronzio, the Director of News and Audience wrote "This year the Bangor Daily News will not publish a newspaper on Christmas Day. Our valued subscribers will not be charged for that day's paper, and our carriers - who work tirelessly throughout the year, amid all conditions, on their routes, will have that time for their families. Regular delivery of the Bangor Daily News will resume on De. 26. On behalf of the BDN, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season."

For nearly 15 years my wife and I delivered the BDN, we even delivered it during the ice storm of 1998. I can't recall a day that the paper wasn't published, Monday - Saturday. Even when there were power outages, the paper always made it out of the plant, and we delivered it, even on Christmas Day. We would deliver it after Midnight Mass, or else I would go out early, and would look to see if Santa had made his way to Bangor.

It feels kind of sad to know that there won't be a Bangor Daily News on Christmas Day.