A new scam targeting seniors claims to be from an employee of the Eastern Area Agency on Aging. In a press release today, the local senior advocate group says it's a scam and has nothing to do with their organization.

A local senior reported to the agency that the person who called asked about her arthritis and then said he was calling to tell her about a new product that could reduce her pain. She was then asked to give her Medicare number to see if she qualified for the product. When she refused to give the information, the caller hung up.

The police and the Attorney General’s office have been notified. The Eastern Area Agency on Aging wants to assure all seniors that they never, ever call and ask for personal information like a Medicare number. Any senior who receives such a call should hang up and then call the police to report it.

EAAA asks that folks spread the word about this scam. Carol Higgins-Taylor of the Agency said in a press release, "We are very concerned that, as a trusted source in the community, a senior might go against their better judgment and give out the numbers to the scammers."  For more information, log onto the Eastern Area Agency on Aging's website.