As of Wednesday, police in Maine are going to need a search warrant before they can retrieve information from your cell phone as part of an investigation.

It's just one of the new laws that will go into effect in Maine starting tomorrow.

The law covers voice mail and text messages as well as any location data from your phone.

Another law will ban more types of synthetic drugs like spice. This expansion of the laws already on the books dealing with the manufacturing of drugs, should help to prevent people from skirting the law by changing the chemical makeup.

Another law taking effect tomorrow will allow Mainer’s to buy prescription drugs through firms like CanaRx, which takes prescriptions written by U.S. doctors and fills them in licensed pharmacies in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The bill is meant to help residents buy cheaper meds, but the Maine Pharmacy Association and other pharmacy groups recently filed a lawsuit against the new law, saying it will threaten the U.S. pharmaceutical distribution system.