Coast to coast in America you will find an assortment of potato chips in any convenience store. They are no doubt one of our favorite snack foods. Here are the most popular chips per region of the country. I always assumed Maine's favorite potato chips were 'Humpty Dumpty' but they didn't even make the list! 

According to list maker site New England's favorite chips are:

  • Cape Cod Chips- Hyannis, MA
  • Deep River Snacks- Deep River, CT
  • Wise Foods- Berwick, PA
  • North Fork Foods- Mattituck, NY

Overall it seems the most popular chips come from Pennsylvania or Ohio. 'Utz' chips from Hanover, PA have a wide spread of followers from New England to Maryland, and the midwest.

I think results would have been different if this was based on chip preference by states individually. To see the full results and map visit