Plans have been submitted to the City of Ellsworth for two more fast food restaurants  there.

Diary Queen will be making a  return to Ellsworth and will set up shop in the vacant lot next to Cadillac Mountain Sports on High Street where a gas station stood for many years before being torn down.  If you remember, Diary Queen once was where the UPS Store  further down High Street now is.

Diary Queen's restaurant will be one of their new "Chill & Grill" establishments.  It will be a 1,000 square foot building that will include 47 indoor seats, 20 outdoor seats and a drive through window.  There will be 35 parking spaces in the lot.

Dunkin Donuts new store will be further south up the hill off Route 3 at Kingsland Crossing, by where Darling's auto dealership is. According to the plans there will be no entrance or exit onto Route 3, so if one were to guess that would  mean you would enter via the Beechland Road.  The new Dunkin Donuts will be owned by the same fellow who owns the ones at Mill Mall and Wal-Mart, Lou Lima.  The new  restaurant will be 2,400 square feet in size.  With the Jackson Laboratory opening up shop in the old Lowe's building at some point and the current spring through fall tourist traffic this sounds like a real smart idea!

Caffeine, sugar, chili dogs and ice cream, man you can't go wrong!  Welcome to town boys!