Now this is a "Day" I can totally get behind and can't wait to celebrate! Sunday, July 17th is National Ice Cream Day! As a matter of fact, I think the dogs will have to join in and celebrate too!

I think I get the love of ice cream from my mother's parents! They had a poster of Friendly's Ice Cream in their kitchen, and you could always find some in their freezer. I think my grandfather ate peach ice cream everyday for lunch!

When we were little, we used to take long trips driving, and we would get up in the middle of the night and drive and then stop at Howard Johnson's on the Interstate. I always remember my mother ordering chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast!

It's hard to say what my favorite ice cream is, but if I had to choose one for a last meal, it would probably be watermelon sherbert with chocolate jimmies on it! There was a time when I would have one almost every night, and I'd walk into the old Friendly's Ice Cream store on Broadway in Bangor and they'd ask me if I wanted the usual! Pretty bad when they know you by sight and what you want :)

Hopefully you can enjoy a scoop or two or three or four today! After all it's National Ice Cream Day!