I walked into WQCB this morning and Cindy Campbell said "Don't hate me"! I immediately asked her why, and she said that she just made fun of me on the air saying that No one would see me all day, because it's National Clean Off Your Desk Day, and it would take me all day!

It's true, I have a very, messy desk. In fact, I have the messiest desk in the Townsquare Bangor building. It's not something I'm proud of, but hear me out, I come in before 6 AM, do the weather, come home and work on the computer, and then am at work from 8:15ish to 5 or 6, and then in the winter, am broadcasting a basketball game! I don't have time to clean my desk, and I still have to do my primary job, which is to help businesses grow by advertising on our stations! I figure that the company would have me bring in money, then clean my desk.

Plus, I know where everything is on my desk! Now the sad thing is, and I admit it, I'm pretty much paperless when it comes to my job. I don't know how the paper keeps piling up on it! Maybe it's the paper fairy, but it keeps coming.

So, today, I'll spend 10 minutes and go through part of it. Please don't send me any cards for National Clean Off Your Desk Day, because, I'll feel obligated to keep them on my desk!