Yes, you read the headline, my vote in the State of Maine was challenged tonight before I voted at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor!

A little background, I was on the Bangor City Council from 1990-1993. I know what it is to campaign, and don't take it lightly. Whether I agree with a candidate on the ballot, I know the sacrifice they have made to get there, and try for office.

So tonight, I go down to the polling place in Bangor, get into my line P-R, and finally get up to the clerks. I give my name, Popper, Christopher and give my address. I help her find my name, and uh-oh, there's a red check mark next to my name already!

I have NOT voted yet. I have NOT asked for an absentee ballot. There's NO reason there should be a check mark next to my name. So how did that happen? Either the clerk ticked off my name by mistake, or someone gave my name to the clerk, and voted in my name! You're not required to show ID, and my name is on the radio all the time. So it's possible, that either of these events happened.

So they had to get the warden in charge. My votes have been challenged. IF there is a recount, Democrat and Republican electors will vote and decide if my vote should count. My ballots have been marked with a number that's known only to the Warden and me, but I'm going to tell you the number. It's 103. You might see it on the upper right of the ballot in the picture.

I will tell you that I voted for both Republicans and Democrats but I won't tell you who I voted for. If you're an elector, I solemnly swear that this is my first and only ballot cast.