I thought I would share with you my embarrassing doctor story, because really, it's too good not to share!

I had a doctor's appointment with my primary care physician this morning, for what I thought was a physical. So after her assistant took all my vital signs etc. I took off my pants, sat in the chair with my shirt on, and waited for my doctor. The doctor knocked on the door, I said come in, and she starts to chat with me, as I sit pantsless on the chair.

So we talk about my last visit, (which was a couple of week's ago) and wants to recheck my feet. As a diabetic, foot health is very important. She tells me that my feet look ok, and we move on, talking about other things. Then she says she'll see me in 6 months. I look at her, and say, "Aren't I here for a physical?" She checks her notes and says "No I just wanted to follow up on your feet" I said to her "Oh, I guess you could have done that with my pants left on and just my socks off". She started laughing, and I'm thinking holy cow, it's a good thing she knows me otherwise she'd be making weird notations in my file, "likes to take pants off when unnecessary!"

Nowadays with all the electronic records, I can't even steal my file like Elaine in Seinfeld!