Oh what a fantastic day I had, at the Hancock Grammar School thanks to the combined 2nd Grade classes of Michele Wagstaff and Rebecca Stanley as I along with Tim McCarthy from the Ellsworth Pat's Pizza were guests of honor! The 2nd Grade celebrated Maine's 196th Birthday along with the completion of their 50 Postcard Challenge!

Photo Michele Wagstaff

I arrived just as the 2nd graders finished lunch and then was invited to come out and spend recess with them. I was surrounded by 2nd graders and spent about 15 minutes outdoors talking to them, answering questions and playing basketball with them.

Then, I went inside and was given the lobster hat to wear. After all, if you're celebrating Maine's birthday, and you're in a 2nd grade classroom you wear a lobster hat right?

WDEA's Chris Popper and Tim McCarthy From the Ellsworth Pat's Pizza - Photo Michele Wagstaff

I'm not sure how Tim McCarthy avoided wearing the hat, but it must have been because he arrived after I did!

Singing for Channel 5 - Photo Michele Wagstaff

Then, I was treated to the 2nd Graders sing the "50 Nifty States", video above. I can't believe they ALL knew the states in order. Channel 5 came later, and they sang it again, and I joined in, and if you see their video, you can tell I didn't know all the states in order like the 2nd Graders!

After a great snack of Pat's pepperoni pizza, Tim McCarthy and I faced off in a game of State Capitals. Luckily, I had Mickey to help me, and it was a good thing, because it's apparent that I'm not smarter than a 2nd Grader!

Popper with Mickey during the Capital Challenge - Photo Michele Wagstaff

Then we sang Happy Birthday to the State of Maine, and I started the "Are You 1? Are You 2? chant, but luckily we jumped to Are You 187? Otherwise we would still be there! We then all had birthday cake!

It was a great afternoon, and I can't thank Michele Wagstaff, Rebecca Stanley, the staff and children of the Hancock Grammar School for such a fantastic welcome and I truly felt honored to spend the afternoon with them!

Photo Michele Wagstaff

Here's the package that Channel 5 did on the day! Thanks WABI!

Hancock 2nd Graders Collect 500 Postcards from Across the Country

Posted by WABI TV5 on Tuesday, March 15, 2016