It's a special relationship between Moms and their sons. I can say that with confidence because I have three sons and they are some of the best people I know. So I love this video of a Mother and Son who cooked up their wedding dance routine ahead of time. And it's awesome!

When my oldest son got married, it was a rainy day. And not, like, a little rain. It poured! Did I mention it was an outdoor wedding, next to a pond? Luckily they had an awning to keep us reasonably dry and the bride and her attendants had flip flops, rather than high heels.

At one point, during the reception, someone started a very upbeat song and said 'Mother-son dance!' Well, Mike and I had no idea there was going to BE a mother-son dance, and the music was really not very 'dance-friendly.' So we looked at each other, and then Mike began to shake his booty and twirl his hands around each other, in true disco fashion. I joined in and we laughed for about the length of one verse and then said 'That's it!'

Watching this video really made me smile. You can tell this Mom and her Son have a great relationship. And the new bride is in for a lot of laughter!

Me and the boys at Mike's Wedding - Photo by Therese Grindle