On the morning of December 5th around 11:50am, the Bangor Police Department received a call of an apparent suicidal woman hanging off the side of the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge.  When police arrived on the scene, they found that four local men who happened to be in the area had already pulled the woman to safety!

According to the PD's Facebook page, the initial officer on the scene felt that the men deserved some sort of recognition, so yesterday they were each awarded a "Bangor Police Department Challenge Coin".  These coins are awarded to citizens who "perform acts of extraordinary kindness, helpfulness, or meritorious deeds".

Roger Tracey of Eddington, Andrew Croce of Bangor, James LaBreck of Bangor, were all awarded coins.  The fourth man who helped that morning left the scene before being identified and of course the department would like to publicly reward him with a coin also. He's asked to get in touch with the Bangor PD.

Bangor PD Facebook photo