The Ellsworth High School Cheerleaders are perennially one of the best squads in Eastern Maine! They perform at all the home high school games, and do a great job in cheering and getting the crowd into the game. They also regularly are among the best in the State Cheerleading competitions as well! Anyone who doesn't believe that cheerleading is a sport should spend a couple of practices with the Eagles!

Ellsworth is coached by Nikki Chan and Courtney Taylor

Let's meet the 2013-14 Ellsworth Eagles Cheerleaders!

Ashley Ballard[/caption] 

Emily Bridges-Myrick[/caption] 

Victoria Page Jackson[/caption] 

Danielle White[/caption] 

Marina Magee[/caption] 

Morgan Barkhouse[/caption] 

Maddy Harmon[/caption] 

Sierra Firley[/caption] 

Emily Young[/caption] 

Piper Hardison[/caption] 

Gabbi Battis[/caption] Absent Kristy Eaton, Emma Sweeney, Miranda Davis, Katharine Avery and Emily Lane