When you think of a SPA challenge, you're probably wondering how many of the MDI High School Staff are going to have pedicures and massages over the next 30 days! I'm sure that's what they wish that they were doing, but no, this SPA Challenge is S-Squat, P- Push-up, A- Abs!

44 members of the staff and 5 spouses are signed up, and it all begins Monday, January 11th. To add to the challenge, no one will know what that particular's day challenge is until 6AM when it will be emailed to them!

This SPA Challenge is based upon one of Principal Matt Haney's goals of promoting wellness for the staff and students at the High School.

So, if you have class on the second floor and your teacher comes shuffling in a little late, they may have been doing squats, so be supportive of them!