If the Maine Principal's Football Classification proposal is accepted, the MDI Trojans will be playing the John Bapst Crusaders in football in 2015 and Ellsworth-Sumner will remain in Class D.

John Bapst Memorial High School, presently a Class D school, will be moving up to Class C, as their enrollment puts them in Class C 450-585 students. Camden Hills, which had been playing down from Class B, will move to Class D or two years, in the hopes that the struggling Windjammer's program could rebuild. Nokomis, which had been playing down from Class B, in Class C the last two years, will return to Class B. Oceanside, which had been playing in Class B, would move down to Class C because of enrollment.

That would make Class C East, a division of 10 teams, with the following teams in the division:

MDI, Foxcroft Academy, Belfast, Hermon, Waterville, Winslow, Madison-Carrabec, John Bapst, Oceanside, and Old Town.

Every team would be eligible for the playoffs, unlike this last year, where Nokomis, and Camden Hills were not, because they were playing down a class.

In Class D, Ellsworth-Sumner petitioned the Committee to continue playing down two levels. They would be joined in Class D East by Bucksport, Dexter, Houlton, Maine Central Institute, Mattanawcook Academy, Medomak Valley , Mount View, Orono, Stearns-Schenck, and Washington Academy. Note, Medomak Valley was a club team and Camden Hills would be joining D West.

This proposal is still subject to the approval of the Classification Committee, the Interscholastic Committee and the General Membership.