The MDI Softball Team remained winless on the season, after the Presque Isle Wildcasts swept the Trojans 12-7 and 6-4 in Bar Harbor on Saturday, April 30th.

In the 1st game Presque Isle erupted for 8 hits and 7 runs in the 1st inning.

Presque Isle's Sydney Thompson was in the cirlce and had 6 strikeouts in the game. Taylor Williams has 2 singles, Jillian Flynn had 2 singles and Hailey Cameron had 2 singles and a double. Thompson had a single and double, Alyssa Trombley had 2 singles and Emma Bouchard had a double as the Wildcats had 12 hits.

Maddie Thornton was in the circle. She had 4 strikeouts. MDI had 9 hits in the game. Avalon Kerley had 2 singles, Ally Bender had a single. Maddie Thornton had a double. Aubrey Boyce had a single and Natasha Olearcek had a double and single.

In the 2nd game, it looked liked the Trojans were going to pick up their 1st win of the season, as they led 4-3 in the top of the 7th inning, but a Trojan error led to the game being tied after 7 innings.

The game went 10 innings and Presque Isle scored 2 runs in the top of the 10th, to win the game 6-4.

MDI managed 4 hits in the game. Ally Bender had a double as did Cassidy Parady, Avalon Kerley and Britney Corson each singled. Parady was thrown out at 3rd in the bottom of the 7th inning trying to extend her double to the fence into a triple.

Lindsey McEachern was in the circle for MDI and had 8 strikeouts. Hannah Chamberlain was catching.

Presque Isle had 8 hits in the 2nd game. Savannah Rodriguez had 3 singles, Jillian Flynn had 2 singles and Sydney Thompson had 2 singles.

Presque Isle pitching had 4 strikeouts.

MDI plays at Ellsworth on Thursday, May 5th at 4:30.

Presque Isle 3-4 plays at Houlton on Thursday May 5th at 4 PM.

Thanks to Margie Phelps for the recaps