Mount Desert Island High School was awarded a "F" by the Maine Department of Education in the latest grades that were released today. MDI High School was given an automatic "F" because they had less than a 90% participation in the SAT test.




Principal Matt Haney, sent out the following communication to parents and the community today

"Dear MDIHS Parents and Guardians,

Last year, the Maine DOE began the practice of issuing A-F report cards on all its schools. Based on their criteria we were assigned a C (we were within just a few points of a B).  Today, they are releasing this year's grades.  We have received an F, solely because we had less than a 90% (89.3%) participation rate by our juniors on the 2013 SAT.  There were unavoidable circumstances that led to those 10.7% not participating.  Due to similar circumstances, the numbers will look much the same for the 2014 test.

I want to go on record that I am proud of the work our students, faculty, and community put forth each and every day.  While we have our challenges, we provide the students of our communities an excellent education.  As always, if you have questions about this or any other issue at our school, please contact me at 288-5011 ex 3301 or at  Thank you for sending your wonderful children to us each day."

The complete school report card from the Maine Department of Education for MDI High School


MDI's score of 292.7 was just 7.3 points away from a "B" had they had the 95% participation in the SAT Test. If they had had a 90% participation, they would have been given a "D" as the grade level would have been reduced one letter grade, but because they were below the 90% threshold, they received an automatic "F"