The MDI High School Class of 2016 graduated Sunday afternoon, June 12, 2016. Cassidy Parady and Molly Brown were the student speakers. Here are their speeches. I was also able to capture the recessional and they sure left a lot quicker than they processed in to Bernard Parady Gymnasium!

Molly Brown's Speech

Cassidy Parady Student's Speech

MDI High School Class of 2016 Recessional to Jesus Christ Superstar

I was also able to take photos of everyone as they processed into Bernard Parady Gymnasium. There are also some pictures of the graduation pictures, and of course a picture of one of the students taking a selfie with Mr. Haney and another student photobombing it!

MDI High School Graduation Class of 2016 June 12, 2016

Members of the Class of 2016
Dakota Abbott, Emma Andros, Ryan Bender, Maitana Benicio, Cooper Bennett, Remmington Berzinis-McLaughlin, Lily Besen-McNally, Ryleigh Bickford, Taner Bickford, Christopher Booher, Hannah Bouchard, Aubrie Boyce, Rylan Brann, Mia Broad, Molly Brown, Nicole Brown, Andrew Burdzel, Christopher Butler, Colby Candage, Christian Carpenter, Klaire Chandler, Zakari Charette, Xingyao Chen, Dana Clarito, Julianna Cleaves, Jennifer Clemens, Cameron Clough, Dylan Collin, Katherine Cornman, Brittany Corson, Molly Corson, Nolan Crandall, Opal Curless, William Dandurand, Bryce DiMauro, Kirstin DiMauro, Pierce DiMauro, Taylor Dorr, Grace Drennan, Hannah Edgecomb, Claire Elk, Kevin Elk, Samantha Farley, Jacob Forrest, Sapphire Geiger, Allison Gray, Marisa Gray, Katherine Gurin, Delia Hallett, Meghan Hanlon, Geoffrey Hanscom, Isaac Higgins, Isabella Iannuzzi, Quinn Isaacs, Peter Jacobson, Evan Jeannotte, Kelsey Jones, Jucas Jones, Isaiah Keene, Avalon Kerley, Matthew Lambert, Kyle Lamson, Dallas Lawford, Allison Leavitt, Paige LeDuc, Justin Lee, Jacob LeMoine, Gabrielle Link, Jeffrey Lipski, Jarod Lowell, Madeleine Macauley, Daniel MacGregor, Elijah Malloy, Keely McConomy, Eliza McGarr, William Miller, Riley Mooers, Courtney Moon, Tarzan Munson, Rye Murray, Samuel Murray, Kristoph Naggert, Julia Nelson, Cassidy Parady, Allen Parsons III, Kaleb Payson, Peter Philbrook, Lydia Reifsnyder, Hunter Riddell, Natalie Rogers, Yanni Roguski, Micahel Saflicki, Joseph Sanchez-Flores, Mary Ellen Sharp, Kelsey Shaw, Kohl Shaw, Cheyenne Shelton, Eleanor Shields, Haleigh Smith, Nicholas Soper, Brenden Sprague, Margaret Stevens, Sierra Tapley, Dylan Thurston, Clara Turner, Silas Van Dine, Chloe Vincenty, Pierce Vincenty, Courtland Wallick, Robert Wark, Cameron Westmoreland, Lindsey Wilson, Jacqueline Winn, Lucas Wood, McKenzie Young, Seth Young, Richard Zerrien

Members of the National Honor Society
Emma Sandros, Ryan Bender, Maitana Benicio, Molly Brown, Nicole  Brown, Zakari Charette, Julianna Cleaves, Jennifer Clemens, Brittany Corson, Kristin DiMauron, Pierce DiMauro, Kevin Elk, Peter Jacobson, Kyle Lamson, Madeleine Macauley, William Miller, Kristoph Naggert, Cassidy Parady, Kaleb Payson, Peter Philbrook, Natalie Rogers, Kelsey Shaw, Eleanor Shields, McKenzie Young.

High Honors
Hannah Bouchard, Molly Brown, Christopher Butler, Xingyao Chen, Jennifer Clemens, Dylan Collin, Brittany Corson, Kirstin DiMauro, Pierce DiMauro, Kevin Elk, Katherin Gurin, Kyle Lamson, Jacob LeMoine, William Miller, Tarzan Munson, Peter Philbrook, Kelsey Shaw, Eleanor Shields, Siera Tapley

Emma Andros, Ryan Bender, Maitana Benicio, Nicole Brown, Andrew Burzel, Colby Candage, Klaire Changler, Zakari Charette, Dana Clarito, Julianna Cleaves, Molly Corson, Nolan Crandall, Opal Curless, Grace Drennan, Hannah Edgecomb, Samantha Farley, Allison Gray, Delia Hallett, Isaac Higgins, Peter Jacobson, Evan Jeannotte, Kelsey Jones,  Matthew Lambert, Dallas Lawford, Paige LeDuc, Gabrielle Link, Madeleine Macauley, Keely McConomy, Eliza McGarr, Riley Mooers, Samuel Murray, Kristoph Naggert, Cassidy Parady, Allen Parsons III, Kaleb Payson, Natalie Rogers, Mary Ellen Sharp, Kohl Shaw, Haleigh Smith, Nicholas Soper, Margaret Stevens, Lucas Wood,  McKenzie Young

National Technical Honors Society
Molly Corson, Kaleb Payson, Haleigh Smith

Senior Class Officers
Nicole Brown, Dylan Collin, Peter Jacobson, Kyle Lamson, Cassidy Parady

Class Marshals
Marry Ellen Sharp and Nolan Crandall

Senior Class Advisors
David Blaney, Paige Collins, Christiane Cullens, Keith Eaton, Charlie Johnson, Rebecca Keefe, Elizabeth Keenan, Jennifer Murphy, Davonne Pappas, Jennifer Riefler, Megan Smith