The MDI Girls Cross Country team finished 6th, while Ellsworth finished 31st yesterday at the Tournament of Champions Cross Country race at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast on Saturday, October 4th.

The top 7 finishers for MDI  (Average Time 20:43:99) were
Caroline Driscoll (Senior) 19:33:55 (15th place, 13 points)
Lydia DaCorte (Sophomore) 20:34:58 (47th place, 45 points)
Waylon Henggeler (Senior) 20:43:79 (51st place, 49 points)
Sakura Sungawa (Junior) 21:22:48 (84th place, 81 points)
India Janes (Freshman) 21:25:54 (88th place, 85 points)
Emma Strong (Sophomore 22:11:32 (151st place, 137 points)
Xingya Chen (Junior) 23:12:07 (261st place, 222 points)

The top 7 finishers for Ellsworth  (Average Time 22:23:16) were
Haley Lawrence (Senior) 19:26:29 (10th place, 9 points)
Mariah Brown (Senior) 22:19:63 (166th place, 149 points)
Olivia Lounder (Senior) 23:02:66 (248th place, 214 points)
Julia Zavaleta (Junior) 23:23:63 (288th place, 237 points)
Katelynn Bagley (Freshman) 23:43:55 (314th place, 252 points)
Emma Metlu (Senior) 28:39:74 (626th place, 371 points)
Baley Neale (Senior) 30:44:64 (662nd place, 382 points)


To see all the girl's results click HERE

The next race for the two squads is the Hancock County Championships on Thursday, October 9th at 3:30 at Ellsworth.