Playing a musical instrument is a commitment! It's much like being on a sport's team, but often without the notoriety in today's culture. There are hours and hours of practice, and then there's the carrying of the instrument back and forth from school to home and depending upon what you play, that's not easy!

That's why we want to congratulate the following MDI High School band members who were selected to the All State Classical  and Jazz Band

Classical All State

Back row is Kai Fox, Nathan Vandorharr, Zachary Smart, Thistle Swann. Next row is Lucas Wood, Ethan Craigo, Annie Painter, Catherine Ding, Taki. Next row is Lydia R., Abby Kelly, Megan Howell,. Next row is Desmond R. Hannah Edgecomb, Cala Coffman, Ben Hagle, and Mary Paola (Chris Dougherty photo)

All State Jazz

Back row is Will Miller, Lucas Wood, Ethan Craigo, Breaux Higgins. Front row is Thistle Swann, Hannah Edgecomb, and Ben Hagle. (Chris Dougherty photo)