The PVC Large School Championship Meet was held Saturday, May 30th at Old Town High School.

On the Girl's Side, MDI finished 4th, and Ellsworth 6th. Hampden Academy finished 1st. On the Boy's side, MDI came in 3rd, and Ellsworth 9th. Old Town High School finished 1st.

Here are the MDI and Ellsworth results

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay - MDI finished 2nd with a time of 10:34.37. The MDI team consisted of Ashley Anderson, Sydney Wright, Waylon Henggeler and Caroline Driscoll. Ellsworth finished 5th with a time of 10:44.41. The Ellsworth team consisted of Olivia Lounder, Julia Zavaleta, Kiona Osterlin and Haley Lawrence.

Girl's 100 Meter Dash -Adriana Novella MDI 6th with a time of 13.73

Girl's 1600 Meter Run - Kiona Osterin Ellsworth 2nd 5:37.91, Waylon Henngeler MDI 4th 5:45.53 and Caroline Driscoll MDI 5th 5:49.17

Girl's 4x100 Relay - MDI 3rd 52.88 Team consisted of Ashley Anderson, Addie Beal, Adriana Novella and Paige Mason

Girl's 800 Meter Run - Olivia Lounder Ellsworth 10th 2:47.31, Julia Zavaleta Ellsworth 11th 2:48.64

Girl's 200 Meter Run - Ashley Anderson MDI 2nd 27.80, Paige Mason MDI 9th 29.07

Girl's 3200 Meter Run - Waylon Henggeler MDI 1st 12:39.72, Caroline Driscoll MDI 3rd 12:59.48, Haley Lawrence Ellsworth 5th 13:15.13

Girl's High Jump - Rachel Bunker Ellsworth 5th 4'6", Erin White MDI 10th 4'2"

Girl's Triple Jump - Jennifer Clemens MDI 7th 30'11", Catherine Ding MDI 11th 29'9.5"

Girl's Javelin - Elizabeth Perry  Ellsworth 13th 58'5"

Girl's Discuss - Elizabeth Perry Ellsworth  1st 108'1", Sara Norberg MDI 5th 88'3", Delia Hallett MDI 9th 77'3", Mackenzie Hanna MDI 15th 67'10"

Girl's Shot Put- Elizabeth Perry Ellsworth 1st 34'11.75", Sara Norberg MDI 3rd 31'4", Allicia Norberg MDI 9th 26"7.25", Mackenzie Hanna MDI 10th 25'7", Delia Hallett MDI 11th 25'2.25"

Girl's Pole Vault - Addie Beal MDI 9th 6'3"

Boy's 4x800 Meter Relay - MDI 5th 9:08.12 with the team comprised of Aiden Robichaud-Ward, Jose Chumbe, Josh Bloom and Griffin Maristany.

Boy's 110 Meter Hurdles - Matthew Hanna MDI  7th 18.47

Boys 100 Meter Dash - Jake Boumil MDI 7th 12..37

Boy's 1600 Meter Run - Ethan Craigo MDI 5th 4:48.61, Aiden Robichaud-Ward MDI 6th 4:59.76

Boy's 4x100 Meter Relay - MDI 3rd 46.00 with the team comprised of Matthew Hanna, Jake Boumil, Ralp Magnani and Ryan Bender.

Boy's 400 Meter Dash - Ralph Magnani MDI 1st 50.50, Josh Bloom MDI 8th 56.37, Griffin Maristany MDI 9th 58.29

Boy's 300 Meter Hurdles - Matthew Hanna MDI 4th 45.06

Boy's 800 Meter Run - Jack Weeks 1st Ellsworth 2:01.90

Boy's 200 Meter Dash - Ralph Magnani MDI 3rd 23.58, Ryan Bender MDI 5th 23.81, Brandon Murphy MDI 8th 24.56, Griffin Maristany MDI 18th 26.18

Boy's 3200 Meter Run - Aiden Robichaud-Ward MDI 11th 12:25.65

Boy's 4x400 Meter Relay - MDI 1st 3:35.38 with the team comprised of Matthew Hanna, Josh Bloom, Ryan Bender and Ralp Magnani. Ellsworth 8th 4:06.98 with the team of Conrad Svec, Matt Frost, Jack McKechnie, Jack Weeks.

Boy's High Jump - Aaron Miller MDI 2nd 5"8", Jake Boumil MDI 5th 5'6"

Boy's Long Jump - Ryan Bender MDI 5th 19'17.25"

Boy's Triple Jump - Giovanni McKenzie MDI 7th 38'2"

Boy's Javelin - Evan Jeanotte MDI 2nd 120'1", Croix Albee MDI 3rd 136'8", Jamie McAlpine Ellsworth 8th 11'1"

Boy's Discus - Danny MacGregor MDI 3rd 122'1", Croix Albee MDI 4th 115'7", Jamie McAlpine Ellsworth 8th 95'4"

Boy's Shot Put - Croix Albee MDI 3rd 45'0.5", Evan Jeanotte MDI 8th 35'10.5", Micah Hallett MDI 11th 34'5.25", Danny MacGregor MDI 13th 30'0"

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